Meeting 2011 With Beginner’s Mind

The Starbucks barista just commented to me as she prepared my coffee that she feels this is going to be the year to shine. I agree with the optimism and was also reminded that we have the opportunity to meet each moment of every year with the same sense of wonder, hope and enthusiasm that we are all feeling on this first day of 2011. Every day is its own New Year’s Day, every hour its own New Year’s Hour, every moment its own New Year’s Moment.

Throw a little figurative confetti in every moment, blow a virtual horn in your mind and periodically wear that little smile you wear when you know you have a ridiculous sparkly hat on your head!

Happy New Moment!

One response to “Meeting 2011 With Beginner’s Mind

  1. Better yet, Steve. Wear a ridiculously sparkly hat every day. Yesterday on my walk (It was 19 degrees in Minnesota), I saw Santa Claus drive by. Seriously. Christmas was over a week ago, but that didn’t stop Santa. Ten minutes after I saw him drive by, decked out in a red hat, white beard, and gloves–He pulled up to someone’s driveway. Than he parked the car (a beat up Chevy), got out, and walked up to the door of the house wearing red long-johns and boots. To be honest, he’d lost a lot of weight, but he still looked pretty good.

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