Follow the teacher posts (and those of the students) from the UCSD Mindfulness in Medicine course

The process of learning mindfulness is a fascinating and challenging one, and our hope is that by documenting the unfolding of the course Mindfulness in Medicine: Stress Reduction, Awareness and Healing with first- and second-year medical students at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Medical School, we can shed some light on the experience of learning and the nature of mindfulness itself. You are invited to read the weekly entries on our blog page, that will include a short commentary from me as a teacher, and will be followed by comments offered by the students themselves. As part of their assignments in the class, the students are asked to submit journal entries showing that they are engaging with the material presented. I have invited them, if they wish, to submit those entries directly to the blog rather than just to me, in order to create a living record of this potentially powerful class.

Read what they have to say, and if you feel so moved, offer your own comments. We would love to have your input on what is happening here at UCSD and around the country where medical schools are incorporating mindfulness training into their programs.

To read the blog, click on the “MINDFULNESS IN MEDICINE” tab above and choose which week you would like to review.


2 responses to “Follow the teacher posts (and those of the students) from the UCSD Mindfulness in Medicine course

  1. I’ve just started the UCSD mindfulness program, I am beginning an important journey into myself; insights and discovery await me along the path to self.

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