Teaching Doctors to be Mindful

At the risk of blogging about a blogpost, we were excited to see this piece in the New York Times on our friend and colleague Dr. Mick Krasner’s work with teaching mindfulness to physicians, with the ultimate goal of creating better doctors who communicate better, practice more effectively, are resilient and satisfied in their work and therefore, have an even more positive influence on our health and our society. Check out this piece in the New York times on Dr. Krasner and colleagues’ tremendous training program. It’s heartening and exciting to see the work that they are doing. Our own program for teaching mindfulness to medical students is based largely on Mick’s work at Rochester.

What do you think are the key things that doctors can gain from practicing mindfulness?


One response to “Teaching Doctors to be Mindful

  1. Mindfulness meditation delivers a peace of mind that can’t really be described and that was sorely missing in my life. What I did not expect was an improvement in my ability to focus and concentrate and that I regained a love for my career in medicine. I now teach mindfulness to the military and in the private sector in addition to my hospital work.
    I am joining a wonderful teaching staff in teaching a mindfulness retreat designed with the stresses of the medical community in mind in beautiful Northern New Mexico, similar to the one described. We are proud to offer 8.5 hours of continuing medical education (CME) hours. Please visit us at:
    Scholarships available and spouses welcome.

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