The Potential Project (TPP) in collaboration with the first UK ‘Mindfulness in Business Conference’ at Cambridge University.

The Potential Project Logo by Sally Muir Senior Trainer TPP UK
Sally has over 20 years of experience as a corporate trainer. Her clients include British Petroleum, BBC, British Airways, BMW, Nestle and many other large corporations. She has been practicing and teaching Mindfulness training for over 20 years.

I was delighted to receive an invitation to represent TPP at this conference by leading a session on our approach to Mindfulness in Business – Corporate Based Mindfulness, (CBMT). The conference was awash with organisations offering Mindfulness courses in a variety of forms. Most participants had trained in MBSR, and the commitment to helping others receive the myriad gifts Mindfulness can bring was inspiring.

There were keynote speakers and workshops on different aspects of Mindfulness in business throughout the day. Over seventy attended TPP session, which was very well received. The CBMT framework is designed for busy workplaces: embedded in daily work life; has a scientific foundation; plus clear and simple instructions. Three components for success: Mindfulness in action, formal Mindfulness training, and attitude training; Short and relevant training in groups with follow-up and leadership support.

This model seems to fit the business environment where they are often time poor; while maintaining the depth and integrity of Mindfulness practice.

We emphasise scientific research as it offers validity to the method, and draw from the inclusion of Eastern Philosophy the depth of the ancient practice of Mindfulness, while keeping the approach secular. In addition, trainers at TPP are certified in CBMT and are long-term Mindfulness practitioners, as well as having experience in corporations.

Increasing capacity and resilience in organisations gives them the opportunity to harness the incredible power and potential that lies within each and every employee. Regular training interventions are often used to limited capacity due to the fact that most people in the office environment are on mental overload. They lack the mind-space to process and integrate what has been taught to its full advantage because the burden remains the same.

Mindfulness as a business tool helps to increase mind-space, resilience and capacity. We are very proud of multi-tasking, yet the energy and focus that gets lost in flitting from one task to another while engaging in distractions can result in chaos and burn-out. When we make conscious choices about what we will engage in, with awareness, we become managers of our own destiny rather than operating on autopilot and being driven by external situations and events.

Mindfulness in business is beginning to change the ambience of the workplace. Research shows that it increases harmony, balance and productivity that in turn, reduce stress, sick leave and anxiety related illness alongside many other benefits. Whether leaders or employees, those practicing Mindfulness seem to be more balanced, joyful and creative. What an amazing environment it would be to live and work in organisations where everyone is practicing together on a daily basis. Any sense of toil and burden could be lifted and teams would become more cohesive and co-operative. Our case study on CBMT in If Insurance shows just this. Mindfulness is surely a win-win and with minimal intervention; a continual group training of the mind that will set individuals and organisations free to reach their full potential! This conference was a great opportunity to learn from others in the field, bring us all together and highlight the far-reaching benefits of this great instrument.

Sally Muir Senior Trainer TPP UK

3 responses to “The Potential Project (TPP) in collaboration with the first UK ‘Mindfulness in Business Conference’ at Cambridge University.

  1. Mindfulness is a great tool to have in business, as in your personal life.

  2. Kathy White-Webster

    This sounds really interesting. Are there any dvd’s available?

  3. Wondering as well if there are CDs of this?

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