Seeing muddy water clearly – excerpt from Mindfulness Starts Here

Our good friends and colleagues Lynette Monteiro and Frank Musten have just published a wise and wonderful book on integrating mindfulness into your life. It’s worth a look and a mindful read!

Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic


Excerpt from Mindfulness Starts Here: An 8-week guide to skillful living

Muddy Waters

How mysterious! The lotus remains unstained by its muddy roots, delivering shimmering bright jewels from common dew.

Sojo Henjo

Who we are and what we want for ourselves and those we love is created through our experience and through our thinking process. We live an active mental life that seeks out images and builds castles in our inner environment. Then, through hopefully skillful actions, we try to make those dreams a reality in our external environment. One of us may have dreams of being a good parent and that seed is nurtured in our mind with images of things a “good parent” does or says to his child. Another of us may have an idea for a garden or a type of business and begins to formulate concepts which are likely to become a reality with effort…

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