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“Our brains are evolving to multitask,” not! The ill-usion of multitasking

By Allan Goldstein Originally published July 2011 revised April 2015 I recently overheard a proclamation, which has become somewhat of a mantra, recited by today’s college students. A student proudly making the following declaration regarding her ability to pay attention … Continue reading

WorkLife Changing Tools: Key Wellness Tips for Busy Executives

By Jennifer Martella Jennifer Martella recently participated in our MBSR program and is Owner and Founder of Strategic Wellness Concepts. Contact her at for  more information about sustainable wellness and personal/professional balance. To inquire about our UCSD Center for … Continue reading

The Truly Mindful Workplace: A Reality Whose Moment Is Arriving

By Christy Cassisa, J.D. Co-Director of Workplace Initiatives and Giving UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness If you follow workplace mindfulness in the news, you’ve had quite a bit of reading material in the last few months. Businesses of all … Continue reading