Mindfulness Based Professional Training Institute (MBPTI)

The UCSD Center for Mindfulness has established itself as a leader in the field of mindfulness-based professional training, relying upon the model of retreat-style professional trainings that blend mindfulness practice, immersion in the interventions being taught, and top-notch teachers with strong credentials and experience in those interventions.

These trainings have been notable for their strong mindfulness practice component (consistent with the philosophy inherent in mindfulness-based interventions) and their intimate learning environment (no more than 40 participants with 2-4 teachers in an intensive, experiential retreat-like format). The success of this format was reflected this past year with several sold-out trainings and this response has reinforced our commitment to becoming a major center for professional learning and teaching of mindfulness and we look forward to having you attend one of our professional trainings in the near future.

We are in the process of establishing the UC San Diego Mindfulness-Based Training Institute that incorporates foundational aspects of all Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBI’s), specific training in the various curricula, opportunities for live consultation and supervision, and ultimately a process of certification in specific MBI’s. The Training Institute is only in its infancy, but arises out of this increasing demand for training and the assurance of competency in delivery of these wonderful programs that are becoming increasingly popular and are being demonstrated through rigorous research to be effective. 

4 responses to “Mindfulness Based Professional Training Institute (MBPTI)

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  2. I attended USCD’s Mindful Eating Conscious Living training in March 2013, and subsequently used mindful eating in my dissertation intervention with obese adolescent females. I am now submitting my manuscript for publication to the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine which requires I also submit potential reviewers. Do you have contact information (email) for my instructor Dr. Jan Chozen Bays? I would like to submit her as a potential reviewer.
    Appreciating your assistance,
    Patti Daly PhD, RN, FNP

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  4. HI Patti,

    I was just wandering into the UCSD website and found your e-mail quite by accident. I’m really sorry no one let me know you had written. Please tell me what happened with your research and your thesis. Jan Chozen Bays chozen@greatvow.org

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